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discover russia with a local guide
Free Moscow walking tour
Guide, historian, language guru
I put all my passion, expertise and love for this city into the free walking tour. The landmarks we will see along our way are absolute keys to understanding the mystery of Russian history and soul.
Each Saturday and Sunday
A 2-hour journey through the most iconic highlights of Moscow city centre
Informative and emotional
Remember: it's only once that you can get first impression of a city. Let me help you to get the most of it.
This is just the beginning
After the tour you'll know all that is needed to go on exploring Moscow. You can expand on the key themes we will touch upon during the free tour visiting tailored tours later on the same day.
Tour days: Each Saturday and Sunday
Departing from the monument to Yury Dolgoruky, the founder of Moscow, we will walk through all periods of Russian turbulent history. You'll see the best pedestrian area of the city, discover Russian contrasts through new perspectives, take a glimpse into the amazing Moscow metro, and much more.
Why choose this tour?
Three good reasons to go
The free Moscow tour will give you an ample perspective, opportunity to see Russian mentality through the eyes of a local, provide with starting points you can build on in the future
One: Local perspective
I can't imagine my life without this hobby. You might wonder why the free tours? Guided tours are not my main job. Sharing knowledge and emotions about history and culture has become the best way of expressing myself and making something important for the people around me. I bring together my experience in history, foreign languages, travel and cultural studies to give you blended historical, cultural and daily perspective from a keen observer.
Two: A great start of exploring Moscow
Even if you prefer to stay on your own, it's a good idea to have at least one general guided tour at the beginning. A knowledgeable guide will give you enough clues and starting points to decide, which aspects of the city you wish to explore next. Moreover, he'll be able to give you good tips to make sure you plan your journey smartly.
Three: I personally guarantee the quality of my tours.
Big tourism agencies generally don't really care for the quality of service because the tourists pay in advance. The guides hired by the agencies in their turn aren't motivated to improve, train and do their best, because they get a fixed wage not based on quality and skills.

I represent both the agency and the guide in one person. That's why your opinion and your satisfaction are my priorities. To fully guarantee the quality of my tours, first tour of the day is free of charge. If you decide to go on a paid tour, pay for the tour only in case you liked it.
Free tour details
Stories instead of excursions
We will walk through a story carefully designed by a professional historian
Age groups: 8–90
The tours will be interesting for both young and adults.
Free guidebook with tips included
Moscow can be tough for first-time travellers. That's why I send a special guidebook to everyone who has booked a free excursion. This guidebook gives you practical advice on a variety of topics concerning visit of Moscow: tips for restaurants, transport, places of interest.
Tailor-made tours
I came here not really knowing what to expect. I decided to go on a tour in Moscow, just so I could get a feel for the place. And I found Slava. It was fantastic. We got to go around, see the Moscow metro. He gave a lot of knowledge that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. And it was very cool to be with someone who was very friendly and it was like going with a friend.
David, 24, paramedic from NZ
I'm an Expat and I've been working in Moscow for past 14 months. I did a tailor tour by Slava that he based around my interests of aerospace and soviet history and off-the-beaten path. Things you normally won't see in a guidebook or see on websites for tourism in Moscow. I highly recommend him, he's super knowledgeable, his English is impeccable and it was very easy and good tour, just walking around and actually seing things you normlly wouldn't see, so I highly recommend him.
Michael, 28, airline worker from the U.S.

Ciao, mi chiamo Leonardo e sono stato a Mosca per tre giorni, mi e' aiutato molto per organizzare i miei giri per la citta', mi ha dato un sacco dei ottimi consigli su come e cosa vedere, quando, e come entrare nei vari posti, quanto si pagava, insomma cosa da vedere in generale. Mi e' piaciuta molto Mosca, l'ho girata bene, l'ho vista bene anche se solo per tre giorni grazie al suo aiuto e a suoi consigli, che sono stati molto utili. Sono stato bene con lui, mi sono divertito in questa citta' bellissima!
Leonardo, student from Italy
We have been in Moscow for two days. Slava is a very good guide, super informative, flexible and friendly. We were very happy to experience these tours and we would like to thank him for this wonderful time spent in adventures.
Magnus, 46, member of the national parliament of Sweden.
Just finished the walking tour around Kremlin and the centre of Moscow. Fantastic guide, knows his stuff into and out, we had a great time and great experience! It was a great way to get overview of the city. The guide was very helpful, informative, we definitely reccomend him!
John and Naomi, 27, 24, travellers from Great Britain and Australia
We recommend you bring some additional cash for small spendings, such as museum tickets, snacks and souvenirs.
You'be given free time to buy souvenirs and visit the Saint Basil's Cathedral
Meet your guide: Slava
I am a professional historian with over 6 years of experience as a tour guide. I'm happy to share my vast knowledge about city landmarks, modern hotspots and history with people of any cultural background.
My walking tour is free because I'm not doing it for money. I get the utmost gratification from the fact, that I'm sharing my knowledge and emotions with people who are curious and open-minded.
You can address me with any concerns and questions you might have. I will make sure that you're getting the most of your tour.
Book your tour now!
Please note that the free tour will be held only with at least 3 reservations. Before the tour (minimum 1 day) you will receive e-mail from me confirming the tour
Photo credits: Dmitry Chistoprudov, Dara Pilyugina, Alexander Filyurin, Mariusz Kluzniak.

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